Saori Kasai is a hand lettering artist and a graphic designer from Tokyo, currently based in Hawaii, US. Born and raised in Japan, I was always fascinated by typography from a young age. While working in London, I encountered the world of hand lettering, and started to work with international clients for various commissions, events and product promotions since 2018, and I am enjoying each every project!

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IKEA | SHISEIDO | BOSCH | Asahi Soft Drinks | Isetan 
カサイ サオリ
ハンドレタリングアーティスト | グラフィックデザイナー

 IKEA | 資生堂 | BOSCH | 伊勢丹 | アサヒ飲料 | リクルート| 講談社 | 朝日出版社
Please feel free to drop me a line from the contact form below, or at !
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