We have so many issues in this world, and for some of the things, we can do nothing about it in the individual level. But for the issue about plastic overuse, we can do something about it. I was inspired by the June issue of National Geographic, and leaned that plastics are not completely evil but have been helping our lives a lot. But at the same time, we take it for granted and don’t know how it ends up somewhere in the world. 

When I lived in London, I almost never used plastic bags. Mostly because it costs… but because of it, I got into the habit of carrying a cotton bag for when I shop something. But in Japan, at least from what I have been seeing, people assume they get plastic bags when they shop because it is for free, and it’ll be thrown away just after several minutes of carrying some food or products from point A to B. It is never necessary if we carry one extra reusable bag.

I feel quite upset when people take plastic bags even if they have enough space in their bags to hold extra stuff, or when a clerk put an onion in a plastic bag to “protect” it. It is insane - and I want to do something about it. It would take a long time to eliminate plastic bags unless the government do something drastic, but we can start setting our minds to replace what we can. And plastic bags are one of the easiest ones.

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