IKEA – Make It Special Campaign

KEA Tokyo-Bay hosted me for Make It Special campaign in September 2018. I got to do a live drawing on their furniture at the entrance area, and also held brush calligraphy workshops for their customers.

This campaign aimed to inspire IKEA customers to customize their furniture to “make it special” by using their creativities. Live drawing was to demonstrate an example of customization, and the workshop was to actually learn brush calligraphy so that the customers can write their favorite phrases on cards and frame them as a decor. The event was published in online media such as Ozmall and DIYer(s) .

Live Drawing

Brush Calligraphy Workshop

I wanted to keep the workshop small, so six people each joined in the morning and afternoon sessions. In the two-hour workshop, the attendants learned the basic of typography and guiding, how to control the brush strokes, writing alphabets with brush pen, sketching layout and decorate it.

Worksheet Sample